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Funny Happy Friendship Day 2015 Messages, Sms And Quotes

Funny Happy Friendship Day Messages, Sms And Quotes 2016

Funny Happy Friendship Day 2016 Messages, Sms And Quotes -: Today we are here to share some very funny happy friendship day 2016 messages, sms and quotes which will help you make your friend happier. It is not a matter of just wishes to your friends but you should make them happy with your funny messages so you can check this awesome and funny collection of happy friendship day 2016 messages, sms and quotes.

It’s not like how life sees us, but it’s like how we see to our life. If we see our life as a hell then it will become hell for your and never become heaven, but if we see our life as heaven and full of happiness then it will become heaver for always. Our attitude become our life always, we see our life as like we see it. This is only attitude which give me more strength in my life which is the contribution from my friends in life which is always is remember for their contribution in my life. We are going to share some funny happy friendship day 2016 messages, sms and quotes today which you can share with you friends and take some fun with him on this awesome day.

Happy Friendship Day Greetings And Cards 2016

Happy Friendship Day Greetings And Cards 2016

Funny happy friendship day 2016 messages, sms and quotes

Ohh my friend, how are you,

You are awesome, I love you…


I am happy you are my friend,

You are like a friendship band….

Just kidding happy friendship day..


You are happy, than I am happy

You are sad then.






I am double happy heheheh…

Happy friendship day


Many people say you like cow,

You feel happy that many people say you innocent,

But today I am revealing the truth,

They say you cow because you are like an animal.


A real friend is one who even can trust on you when you are saying false to him or her. That’s a friendship but true friendship is when you try to say false but truth came from your mouth.  A very happy friendship day 2016 to you too.


According to internet world friendship, a true friendship is becoming best and true when you came to any friend’s home and your internet automatically connected with his wifi.


True friend is when he share the password of his wifi with you and fight is when he changed the password without telling you.


A True friendship is when you make smile without any reason even only just remembering him or her. Happy friendship day 2016 to you.


Real friend is that who support you even if he know that all mistake is yours. He fights with other after knowing all the fact and make you safe from that.


Real friend is one who borrow your things but always fight for returning it but never give back. A real friend is like who fight with you everytime but love you more then anything else.


A true friend is one who purchase beer for you and always drink maximum from it on his own. Happy friendship day 2016.

Happy friendship day 2016 funny messages.

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