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New Funny and Best Quotes About Friendship Day 2015

New 2016 Funny and Best Quotes About Friendship Day

New Funny and Best Quotes About Friendship Day 2016 -: As you all know that the friendship day for the year 2016 is coming slowly and now it not too much days left for the date of friendship day so it a time to prepare for the planning of celebration of friendship day. But today we are with you to discuss some new funny and best quotes about friendship day 2016 so that you can send them to your friend as fast as possible because it is awesome method by which you can impress him/her.

New Funny And Best Quotes About Friendship Day 2016

New Funny And Best Quotes About Friendship Day 2016

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As you all know that friendship day is coming very closer and we should not just wait for the day but we should make some preparation for celebrating this day happily with your loved one friend and make them happy too with quotes about friendship. It is very good day when you can spend some time with your friends and celebrate with them with my friendship day celebration ideas.

Today we are giving some very loving quotes about friendship so that you can download them freely and can send by messages to your friends on happy friendship day 2016. You will like to work with these quotes as they can give happiness to our friend’s mouth.

Now without wasting more time about quotes about friendship we start our quotes..


>Quotes About Friendship Day

“Rock friendship is never change, but if you friendship with sand then it can also fly with wind so my friendship is like rock on a single place.” Happy friendship day quotes


>Friendship Day Funny Quotes

“Coins are easy to earn with small effort but a friends can be earn by lots of efforts so I never want to lose you.” Quotes on friendship day.


>If you want to illuminate entire room then……….

“If you want to illuminate entire room then you need only one candle but if you want to light up your whole life then I am the best choice for friend” happy friendship day my friend


>Quotes About Friendship Day

A new friend is sweet.

A old friend is sweeter,

But a true friend is always sweetest.

So I always want you in my life…

Quotes on friendship day


>Friends are like mangoes in your life………….

Friends are like mangoes in your life,

Some time you find sweetest,

Sometime you don’t find any,

But I am lucky enough to find you my sweet friends.

Happy Friendship Day 2016


>I always love to admit that I am not……….

I always love to admit that I am not a good friends,

I admit that I never done such work which make you happy,

I admit I made so many mistake which hurt you,

I admit I am not good in friendship,

But I am sure that I found you as a friendship which cover my all mistakes and fault.

New 2016 Funny and Best Quotes About Friendship Day.
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